Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome, welcome...

This is my first real effort at blogging... so cut me some slack! At least for the first few months.

I'm also pregnant, almost always chasing a toddler, and just the type of person who constantly has a thousand little projects going at once. Honestly, this blog is sort of my attempt to focus my efforts a little more... honestly? Hopefully?!

Okay, lets get to the obligatory introduction:

Hello, my name is Lex. Look, that's me... 

I'm a mama, a wife, and a social worker living in a small city in Western, NY. I grew up here, left a few times, and now I'm married with a family here. The family consists of my husband and I, our hilarious 2-year-old son, and my awesome school-age step-daughter. Currently, I'm incubating the newest addition to our family- due September 2012. More details on all of this stuff soon!

The content of this blog will probably vary greatly at times and most definitely be heavily influenced by my every whim... that being said, you can expect to hear about my daily adventures in motherhood... my ever-evolving career stuff... all sorts of crafts and other projects... and resources/info to help you keep up with the roller-coaster that is life!!! 

Alright, lets do this...

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